About Us

The Company was established in May, 1990 in Náchod by its founder Mr. Zdeněk Dítě who has been its director (CE) up to this day. Since the very beginning, this company has been purely Czech without any foreign partners. The company of DÍTĚ SPEDITION s.r.o. specializes in providing comprehensive logistic services but, first and foremost, in both domestic and international road haulage. Since its establishment, the Company has grown dynamically. Owing to its importance, the scope of services provided and the quality of its fleet, the Company now ranks among the largest transport companies in the region. In order to provide better services to our customers and to become better focused on their particular requirements, the branch company of DÍTĚ LOGISTIC s.r.o. specializing in services, wholesaling and storing was established in November, 2007 as a partner company to DÍTĚ SPEDITION s.r.o.

We transport goods in the JUST IN TIME mode as we are fully aware of the importance of special delivery requirements. We also pay extraordinary attention to education of our employees who are regularly trained.

Partner Company

All our vehicles are serviced and maintained in excellent condition by our partner company of Dítě Logistic, s.r.o. The vehicles are serviced both on the main Company premises in Náchod and on the premises of its branch in Hradec Králové.

Partners and Suppliers