About us

1990 2024

For the whole period of our existence, we have specialized in providing comprehensive logistic services but mainly in international and inland road haulage. We operate a wide fleet of vehicles in order to satisfy the widest range of transport requirements and, at the same time, to minimize market risks.


The company was established in Náchod in May, 1990 by its founder Zdeněk Dítě, who, at the beginning, specialized in international and inland road haulage. The dynamic development of the company consisted not only in extending our fleet but also in introducing new types of semitrailers necessary for transportation of special commodities and in building the company’s servicing hinterland.

Having a higher level of satisfaction of our clients and more specialized services in mind, a branch company named DÍTĚ LOGISTIC s.r.o. was established in November, 2007. This company specializes in servicing the vehicles, in operating filling stations, in wholesaling and providing storage services both in Náchod and in Hradec Králové.

Thus, the original company could return to its original object (i.e. to providing purely haulage services) and it could further develop in this field of business. Nowadays, the company can offer its services in three divisions, each of them provided with vehicles suitable for the kind of cargo to be transported (palletized goods, bulk materials and liquid foodstuffs).