What Particularly Do We Specialize in?

We operate quite a number of trucks to satisfy our customers’ most demanding requirements. Do you need to transport a small or a huge shipment (e.g. 120 m3) to the other end of Europe? Do you trade in secondary raw materials and are you looking for a strong haulage contractor with tiltbed semitrailers? Are you in the foodstuff business and do you need to carry a full tank of oil under controlled temperature? All these things (and many others) are our everyday routine.

Our Services

Our division of tarpaulin-covered vehicles specializes in regular, single or express transportation of preferably palletized goods. We are offering various types of flat trucks, platform lorries, semitrailers and jumbo sets and trailers. In addition to that, transportation according to the ADR Agreement is a matter of course.

Another field of our specialization is transportation of bulk commodities (both agricultural and secondary). Depending on the kind, volume and weight of the material, we transport them using iron or aluminium sliding-bed or tilting semitrailers.

Our third division operates food tanks capable to transport up to three different kinds of liquids. The top-quality insulation of the jacket and independent heating enable us to keep the goods at the required temperature. The pressure system and our own compressor facilitate unloading the goods into external tanks instead of simple draining the tanks by gravity. Our food tanks are provided with either side or rear discharge holes.

All our vehicles now meet the EURO 6 Emission Standard. Each vehicle is provided with a satellite communication and GPS monitoring systems which facilitate unlimited communication between the driver and the controller, sending transport documents immediately as well as controlling the economy of operations. We take the on-line information about the vehicle movement and about its current location for granted.

Lorry and tilt trailers

Tipping & Walking-floor trailers

Food Tank-trucks