We offer offices and warehouses to let (for both short and long time) in our logistic centres. We can offer spaces suitable for shops as well. We are able to store everything from various boxes and pallets up to foodstuffs and big shipments. We also offer spaces to individuals to store seasonal items such as boats, motorbikes, trailers, furniture etc. In addition to that, we can offer parking spots (even for trucks) and handling areas on our premises.

  • 10,000 m2 storage space
  • 18 loading platforms
  • Handling and storing goods and keeping the respective records
  • Service hours by mutual consent
  • Provision of  transport using our own vehicles
  • Office spaces to let, provision of companies´ registered offices

Lubor Dítě
Manager of the Warehousing & Letting Dep´t.
+420 602 240 095

Jiří Rychtera
Administrator of the Premises in Černožice nad Labem
+420 602 162 533